About Us

Slant Six began as a concept and a dream between longtime friends and colleagues; Ryan O’Leary & David Root. Both shared one common goal.... to help elevate retailers/ brands product. The idea was created to level the playing field between these groups and the larger brands. After years spent overseas training factories to operate in ways that most believed to be unacheivable... a program was launched and Slant Six began manufacturing 100% custom product in minimums most considered not possible at a large scale

Today Slant Six has a worldwide reach with products shipping to multiple countries and customers around the world. With over 20 reps in various regions of the globe, Slant six is changing the way customers order product and the way retail business is conducted

We are brand-builders, product specialists and consultants dedicated to building & growing your brand.We look forward to earning your business and showing you the Slant Six difference


  • Born in CA, Raised in WA, and Now a Floridian

    Likes: Irish Whiskey Sushi & Useless Facts

    Dislikes: Interupters & Cheese

    Interesting: Once sold a Wakeboard to Chris Cornell

    Ryan O’Leary

    CEO / Creative
  • Born in Upstate NY. Grew up in New England

    Likes: Spicy Food, Marathons & Boating

    Dislikes: Negativity, losing

    Interesting: Was an Art Major, with a Focus on Building Furniture

    David Root

    Logistics / Planning
  • Born & Raised in San Diego, Resides in the OC

    Likes: Healthy Living, Tacos & Family

    Dislikes: Cold Weather & Onions

    Interesting: Was a Fire Fighter Before Changing Career paths

    Nick Wozniak

    Vice President
  • Grown in the Selkirk Mountains of Idaho

    Likes: Sauvignon Blanc Potatoes & Dogs

    Dislikes: Nuts, Olives & Running

    Interesting: Worked at a Zoo Training Marine Mammals in Australia

    Courtney O’Leary

    Operations Manager
  • Hailing from Indiana, Megan Misses Snow

    Likes: Reading, I Love Lucy Reruns

    Dislikes: Spiders, Bugs, & Folding Laundry

    Interesting: In College, Never Lived in any City for Longer Than 4 Months

    Megan Williams

    Production Manager
  • A Florida Native, Born & Raised

    Likes: Hound Dogs & Scary Movies

    Dislikes: Sour Candy & Thin Crust Pizza

    Interesting: Owns a Scroll Saw to Make Wood Projects with

    Sarah Hillman

    Daily Operations
  • Born & Raised in Manilla, Phillipines

    Likes: Cats, Dogs, Fast Cars & Chocolate

    Dislikes: Raisins & Alcohol

    Interesting: Has 7 Cats & 2 Dogs

    Nico Angeles

    Overseas Art
    Team Manager